martes, marzo 07, 2006

Not tonight

Mark y Julia están metiéndose en la cama para ir a dormir. La luz es débil, y es la que entra de la calle por en medio de la persiana. La ventana queda al frente de la cama.
Julia se pone de lado hacia la pared para dormir.
Julia: Good night.
Mark approaches Julia.
Mark: Aaaah... come on Julia.
He begins to move towards her behind the sheets.
Julia: Not tonight, honey.
Mark tries to warm her.
Mark: Ahh.. come on.. I'm really horny...
Julia: Stop it.
Mark(begins to kiss her on the neck): Come on my sexy bitch...
Julia(shouting): Stop it!
Two seconds of silence.
Julia: Stop it, please.
Mark does not move.
Mark(calming down): All right.
Mark goes his way back to a sleeping position, facing upwards.
Mark: No probs, honey. Good night.
Some seconds after, Mark begins wanking.
After some time, Julia angrily heads towards him.
Julia: What are you fucking doing?
Mark does not show any surprise. He does not stop wanking.
Mark(taking his time to answer): Having a wank.
Julia sits up on the spot, not really knowing what to say. Meanwhile, he continues wanking as an automat.
Julia: I can´t believe this is happening.
Mark continues his way.
Julia: I feel... I feel...
Julia falls down to the bed and bursts into tears. Some seconds after, he gradually stops, as if he is realising that there is a problem somewhere, but not understanding where. As if he is realising that the wanking is causing trouble to a loved person, but not understanding why.
He does not know what to say. He keeps looking to the window in front of him. Eventually, he looks at her. She´s bitterly crying. He comes back to the previous position and continues facing upwards.

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