viernes, abril 21, 2006

Black wire änd Punish the atom

Hey guys. Went yesterday to see Black Wire supported by Punish The Atom, 5 quid, not bad, along with the French guys and Stu, a Scottish mate. We went just after the match Arsenal vs Villareal, which I didn´t see because I had a houseviewing. The room turned up to be a shoe box, a real zulo, so no way mate.

I liked PTA more, although they were the supporters. Black Wire looked more professional, kinda libertines, nice indeed, but PTA was much more amateur, and much more interesting.

There were not many people around, tho. Some pics and more pics.

Punish The Atom, crazy people, all the power to the Nottingham City they are from. I never thought I would miss Nottingham. Jesus Christ.

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