lunes, octubre 05, 2009

Kings of Convenience - Declaration of Independence

By chance today I remembered Kings of Convenience, a brilliant Norwegian, Simon and Garfunkel-like duo with deep and impressive lyrics and a very nice acoustic sound. If you don't know them, you should. I've been lucky enough to see them live, and would love to do it again since this year they include Barcelona on their European tour.

So I discovered they had a new album, Declaration of Independence... which will be released this month! Yet it is already on Spotify, so kudos to them.

As usual, a very nice album I've been listening to during the whole day. Truly recommended. And nothing to do with Björk's "Declare Independence", latitudes aside.

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fettuchini dijo...

Este post es para el mercado internacional.

xmariachi dijo...

Hay que tener contentos a los americanos.
Americanos, os recibimos con alegría, etc.

Me recuerda a una frase del maki tras dejar tieso a un marine yanki de visita en el puerto de Barcelona... "los americanos son como los cerdos: asquerosos, pero todo se aprovecha."