domingo, octubre 18, 2009

Top 10 similarities between poker and love

During my short time as an online poker player, I have realised some points of similarity that the game of Poker has with love relationships(and life in general). Here they are:

1. When you're in a relationship, you can either call (continue the relationship), raise (get married) or fold (dump your partner).

2. When one is flush, colour does not matter.

3. No matter how good you are - still anyone can beat you.

4. Quality over quantity: it's better to go out with one royal flush than being in a foursome of any kind.

5. You may or may not lie, and the outcome is never clear.

6. It's bad practice to lie too much. They may not want to play with you. On the other hand, if you never lie, they will be eager to play with you - but beware, they may just be looking for your pocket...

7. A small single fact may change the whole game. Just in case, try not to forget
your anniversary.

8. Some people look for a full house but often remain with no pair.

9. Most of the times, it is luck who decides - not you.

10. It's all about the right word in the right moment.

Please feel free to comment and add yours.

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Enjoy loving poker!

6 comentarios:

Doñacol dijo...

Esto te lo has inventado tu solico o lo has sacado de internet?

Xmariachi dijo...

Yo solico, si pongo algo de alguien soy educado y cito la fuente ;)

El Abuelo dijo...

How big

Lisette dijo...

Haha well thought!!

juruen dijo...

That was fucking clever :) Loved it.

Xmariachi dijo...

Thanks guys... spread the word!
I wish you lots of luck, in both areas!